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Books from Arizona authors to add to your winter reading list

With winter settling in and the cold seeping through, what better way to enjoy your free time than by snuggling up indoors with a good book?

If you’re searching for your next winter read, Arizona Horizon has featured some awesome local authors chatting about their books. We’ve put together a list so you can easily dive into these reads and make your winter days a bit cozier. Grab a blanket, a hot drink, and get ready to lose yourself in the pages of these captivating stories!

For those inclined to explore beyond the winter collection, a gentle reminder to peruse the featured summer reads as well.

gonzo capitalism- book cover

“Gonzo Capitalism” by Chris Guillebeau

Discover unconventional pathways to prosperity in the evolving world of decentralized virtual markets. In this must-read guide, “New York Times” bestselling author Chris Guillebeau takes you on a tour of a brave new economy, where creativity reigns and creators dictate the rules.

Meet a diverse group of individuals, from a teenager earning over $400,000 helping parents choose baby names to pop culture enthusiasts capitalizing on online prediction markets. “Gonzo Capitalism” is your field guide to the new rules of money, offering insights into leveraging technology and platforms to turn your time, talents, and creativity into income, on your own terms.

You can learn more about the book and Guillebeau from his interview with Arizona Horizon and buy the book online.

north of nowhere- book cover

“North of Nowhere” by Allison Brennan

Bestselling author Allison Brennan presents an enthralling standalone that keeps you on the edge until the final page. Siblings Kristin and Ryan McIntyre, escaping their crime lord father, encounter their worst nightmare in a small Montana town. Fleeing in a small plane, they crash-land in the Montana wilderness, oblivious to an approaching storm. Boyd’s sister, Ruby, an Army veteran, rushes to save them upon hearing of the crash. A hired tracker and local rancher, Nick Lorenzo, intensifies the race against time. Yet, a greater threat looms, surpassing the danger of the storm or their pursuers. The siblings’ fate teeters on a precarious edge, and the first to find them will determine their survival.

You can learn more about the book and Brennan from her interview with Arizona Horizon and buy the book online.

let your path find you- book cover

“Let Your Path Find You” by Bob Logan

Author and speaker Bob Logan reflects on the essence of a fulfilling life, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and embracing one’s unique path. In a world where many operate on autopilot, Logan shares his own journey, a compelling narrative filled with love, heartache, joy, and invaluable lessons learned from walking the Camino de Santiago three times.

This book serves as a guide to overcoming the fear of failure, venturing beyond comfort zones, and tuning out naysayers. Logan encourages readers to elevate ambitions, be bold in actions, and listen to their inner voice. The overarching message is clear: live authentically, reject others’ notions of success, and allow your distinct path to unfold.

You can learn more about the book and Logan from his interview with Arizona Horizon and buy the book online.

book cover- quick fixes

“Quick Fixes: Drugs in America from Prohibition to the 21st Century Binge” by Benjamin Fong

In the midst of a historic drug surge, “Quick Fixes” offers a compelling exploration of America’s relationship with drugs. From opiates to antidepressants, the book examines the nation’s complex dance with psychoactive substances. Through nine chapters, Fong dissects the history, functions, and societal impact of these drugs, shedding light on America’s enduring contradiction of both embracing and condemning them. As the U.S. navigates a world-historic drug binge and grapples with the consequences, “Quick Fixes” seeks to unravel the intricacies of what it means to be American in a society shaped by its evolving relationship with drugs.

You can learn more about the book and Fong from his interview with Arizona Horizon and buy the book online.

julian blooms- book cover

“Julian Blooms” by Phoebe Fox

Follow little Julian on his late-blooming journey, the last to hatch among his peachick siblings. Unable to speak or fly, Julian longs to catch up. This heartwarming tale, recommended for children ages 0 to 8, imparts invaluable lessons on patience and self-discovery.

This book is not merely a story; it’s a reminder that embracing differences and cultivating patience are essential elements of personal growth. With interesting peafowl facts at the end, “Julian Blooms” offers both a charming story and an educational experience.

Perfect for any child navigating challenges or feeling different, “Julian Blooms” is a poignant read that inspires resilience and self-acceptance.

Learn more about Fox and her book from her interview with Arizona Horizon and buy the book online.

world is full of champion book cover

“The World Is Full of Champions” by Julie Sullivan

Set against the backdrop of race-torn Philadelphia from the ’60s to the late ’90s, this gripping tale follows the intertwined fates of two proud Black families, one affluent, the other working-class. When tragedy strikes, and Georgia Smythe, a resilient young woman from the rough side of town, falls in love with Lawrence Whitman, tensions rise. The Whitmans, grappling with their own losses, have reservations about their son’s choice, unveiling societal complexities and closely guarded secrets. In a span of thirty years, this poignant narrative explores love, social change, and the enduring impact of hidden truths.

Learn more about Sullivan and her book from her interview with Arizona Horizon and buy the book online.

how to say Babylon- book cover

“How to Say Babylon” by Safiya Sinclair

Safiya Sinclair’s “How to Say Babylon” explores her upbringing in Montego Bay, Jamaica, where idyllic scenes masked the strict constraints imposed by her father, a fervent adherent of a militant Rastafari sect. The narrative unfolds against the backdrop of a battle against Babylon, the perceived corrupting force of the Western world. As her mother introduces the solace of books and poetry, Sinclair navigates a path toward self-discovery, challenging the boundaries imposed by her father’s beliefs. “How to Say Babylon” is a compelling narrative that offers readers a rare glimpse into a world often misunderstood, showcasing the author’s resilience in forging her own destiny against formidable odds.

Learn more about Sinclair and her book from her interview with Arizona Horizon and buy the book online.

“Fly: The Big Book of Basketball Fashion” by Mitchell Jackson

“Fly: The Big Book of Basketball Fashion” seamlessly weaves together a visually captivating lookbook and insightful cultural commentary, narrating the fascinating intersection of high fashion and basketball from the NBA’s inception to the present day. Each chapter explores the evolving styles influenced by cultural shifts, from the league’s early years with predominantly white players donning suits to the present, where social media, high fashion, and athletes as style icons converge. “Fly” is a celebration of the iconic styles of NBA athletes and their profound impact on cultural conversations.

Learn more about Jackson and his book from his interview with Arizona Horizon and buy the book online.

“Bennu 3-D: Anatomy of an Asteroid” by Dante Lauretta and Brian May

Embark on a journey to Bennu, the chosen destination of NASA’s OSIRIS-REx mission, in this groundbreaking book. Led by Dante Lauretta and the collaboration with Brian May’s London Stereoscopic Company, the book unveils the world’s first complete and stereoscopic atlas of an asteroid. Bennu, a time capsule from the dawn of our solar system, holds secrets over four-and-a-half billion years old, offering insights into the origin of life and Earth’s habitability. The book details the successful 2020 landing of OSIRIS-REx on Bennu, the collection of pristine asteroid material, and the upcoming delivery to Earth in 2023. A captivating exploration into the cosmos, the book seeks answers to humanity’s profound questions about our cosmic origins and destiny in space.

Learn more about them and the book from their interview with Arizona Horizon and buy the book online.

“Oscar Goes to the Vet” by Sam Baker

Discover the magic of Sam Baker’s latest children’s book, “Oscar Goes to the Vet.” Follow the lovable mouse, Oscar, as he navigates a tummy ache with the help of friends Mimi and Keisha. Authored by the remarkable 101-year-old Baker, this enchanting tale teaches kids about sharing, forgiveness, and the power of friendship, all accompanied by vibrant illustrations from Lisa Morris and Ayan Saha. Baker’s unique journey from a WWII marine to a late-blooming author adds a special touch to his storytelling. Don’t miss the chance to bring home the heartwarming lessons of “Oscar Goes to the Vet.”

Learn more about Baker and the book from his interview with Arizona Horizon and buy the book online.

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