Eating Psychology with Betty 103

The experience of flavor is produced by all of our senses. Food tastes bland without odor but with odor, what you taste depends on your previous learning and experiences of food. The color of food also affects the flavor experience, as does how the food is presented, the sound the food makes when chewed and even the music being played while eating.

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Tina Turner: One Last Time

Tina Turner

Join one of the best-selling recording artists of all time for her unforgettable final UK concert filmed at London’s Wembley Stadium in 2000. The powerhouse performer blasts out hit after hit from her four-decade career.

The Brain Revolution

The Brain Revolution host Ashleigh Banfield

Explore the foundational principles of neuroplasticity, or brain development over time, and discover how to take control of your life through the years.

'Atlantic Crossing' on Masterpiece

Atlantic Crossing

A princess steals the president's heart in this drama based on the relationship of Franklin Roosevelt and Norwegian Crown Princess Martha.