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COVID-19 has had many impacts on families, one being limitations on visiting family members in nursing homes and assisted living. Governor Doug Ducey announced this week a new task force to create guidelines on how families can visit their loved ones. We spoke with the Arizona state director of AARP, Dana Kennedy, and the director of a senior living facility about what this new task force will look like.

The new task force is being called the “Task Force On Long-Term Care”. The group will focus on developing recommendations for long-term care facilities on how and when visitation can be safely resumed.

For the past several months, long-term care and assisted living facilities have strictly limited visitation to help stop the spread of COVID-19. While the limited visitation requirement has helped protect the most vulnerable during these times. It has also impacted a loved one’s ability to stay connected. The group looks to give out recommendations in the coming weeks.

Furthermore, you can learn more about the task force here.

Dana Kennedy, Arizona state AARP Director; Julia Colangelo, Executive Director of Quail Park at Morrison Ranch

Dana Kennedy, AARP Arizona state director

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