AARP Arizona poll shows concern over health care

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AARP Arizona is out with a new poll that shows that older voters are especially concerned with lowering medication prices and protecting Social Security and Medicare. Horizonte host José Cardenas spoke with AARP’s Alex Juarez.

The 50-plus voting bloc is a fairly large group of voters in the U.S., with a little over two million voters in Arizona alone.

This year there is a rise in safety concerns due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Juarez says his organization is fighting to protect older voters and make sure their voices are heard on the issues that matter most to them.

Mail-in voting is common among this group of voters, but it is expected to rise further during this election.

“Our understanding from Secretary of State Katie Hobbs is that in past elections we’ve had about 80% of people that have voted by mail,” Juarez said. “She is hoping that this year we’ll be closer to 90%, and we are seeing that data as well in our polling.”

There is discussion nationwide about whether mail-in ballots will be counted properly.

“We are telling our members, and people in general, that if they vote early, there are mechanisms out there in Arizona that track the mail, making sure that it was received and that it was counted,” Juarez said.

Juarez said that mail-in voting has become a very partisan issue. Still, protecting Social Security and Medicare, lowering prescription drug prices and ensuring safety while voting unite this population.

This demographic are also some of the most vulnerable to the coronavirus. Juarez said that’s why AARP wants to “make sure that they can do it safely, that they have the opportunity to participate and make their voices counted as well.”

AARP leads a media outreach campaign to provide voting information to every community. Their website is


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Alex Juarez, Communications Director, AARP Arizona

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