Arizona a leader for women in politics

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We look back at the conversations we’ve had with state leaders about the impact of women’s suffrage. Two women at the top of state politics, Arizona Senate President Karen Fann and Arizona House Minority Leader Charlene Fernandez, found common ground celebrating the fact that Arizona has long been a leader in terms of women in state politics. 

One hundred years ago women finally had the right to vote. Fann and Fernandez emphasize personal experience with how proud they feel about the women’s suffrage movement. They look back and realize that they’ve come a long way. It’s important for Fann to note that she’s only the second female Senate President. When asked if she’s ever felt like she was treated differently for being a woman, she responds with sometimes. She does feel that the media focuses on her male colleagues, a lot more, in interviews than herself.

Whereas Fernandez responds to the question with “everyday.” She feels as a Democrat and a woman she faces a backlash from both ends on how she’s spoken to. This isn’t just Arizona, Fernandez believes this kind of treatment is everywhere.

Arizona Senate President Karen Fann
Arizona House Minority Leader Charlene Fernandez

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