Kamala Harris pick showcases women’s progress

The selection of Kamala Harris as a vice presidential candidate generated a lot of conversation about the role of women in politics. We spoke with former state lawmaker Leah Landrum Taylor about the Harris pick and just how much progress women have made. 

Taylor has a personal relationship with the Senator and speaks about how it was like to be in the same class with her. She also tells us that she feels proud to think that she was in the Arizona Senate when they were celebrating the highest amount of women serving in the legislature. Taylor went into politics to help her community and bring diversity of opinion. She emphasizes that women need to still be be at the table. To this day, people do not have enough women in politics.

Taylor believes for things to change, women need to be “at the right places.” This means, women need to be involved not just present. They need to be involved in policy making, and not just politics but positions of power.

This is a part of our special edition episode on the 19th Amendment.

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Leah Landrum Taylor, former state lawmaker

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