Bethel Haitian American SDA Church pastor shares his thoughts on the Haitian refugee situation.

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Pastor Jean Coffy of the Bethel Haitian American SDA church came to the U.S from Haiti 30 years ago. Pastor Coffy joined us today to share his thoughts on what’s happening right now with Haitian refugees at the U.S border.

Coffy said recent images of  border patrol agents chasing Haitian migrants on horseback were inhuman.

“As a student of history it brought me back, way back to the time when I saw the horses and the people being beaten, that’s quite inhuman,” Coffy said.

The Biden Administration called what’s happening at the border an embarrassment, dangerous and that it sends the wrong message.

Coffy said President Biden made promises on the campaign trail that he did not carry out while in office regarding Haitian refugees.

“I am not upset, but I am really in shock to see what is happening to human beings because those people are not being treated as human beings,” Coffy said.

Haiti has recently suffered from a presidential assassination, followed by an earthquake.

“Haiti is a collapsed state definitely, destroyed. There is no hope for Haiti if Haiti were to continue to go the way it is,” Coffy said.

Coffy said one gallon of oil in Haiti is 40 U.S dollars, and only those who have people overseas can afford it. The regular people cannot.

“What I am asking for the U.S to do is those businessmen who are exporting billions of dollars from haiti they need to invest some of that money in Haiti and those people in Haiti will have no need to leave the country because they will find jobs, food and shelter,” Coffy said.

Pastor Jean Coffy/Bethel Haitian American SDA Church

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