New therapeutic drug shows promise in dissolving blood clots

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Researchers have created a new therapeutic drug that shows promise in dissolving blood clots and aneurisms that could cause strokes. The medication, called TS23, was developed by Translational Sciences. Dr. Guy Reed, the founder of Translational Sciences and Dean of the University of Arizona College of Medicine, joined Arizona Horizon host Ted Simons to discuss the impact of the new drug.

“TS23 is a monoclonal antibody that attacks a protein in the blood that is a key determinant of whether blood clots dissolve,” said Reed.

The medication can aid in dissolving both blood clots and aneurisms, both of which can be common in patients with high blood pressure. TS23 is set to enter into clinical trials soon.

“If you were to develop a stroke, it should be administered in a few minutes of onset of the stroke,” said Reed. “And that’s what the clinical trial will investigate, whether that’s safe and effective for patients.”

TS23 is based on a genetic deficiency present in a small part of the population. This deficiency makes blood clots easier to dissolve. According to Reed, TS23 is safer than current blood clot treatments because it is based on this genetic deficiency.

“Thirty five million people a year have blood clots; the problem is that many still die or are disabled because the only therapy that we have for dissolving those blood clots creates unacceptable bleeding in the brain,” said Reed.

Translational Sciences recently entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with CSL, a leading global biotechnology company, for one of its therapeutic drugs.

Dr. Guy Reed, founder of Translational Sciences and Dean of the University of Arizona College of Medicine

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