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Federal officials have approved Arizona plan to allow additional low-income families in need of affordable health insurance to enroll their children for coverage in September.
KidsCare is Arizona version of a federal health-insurance program for children and families who aren’t eligible for Medicaid or AHCCCS, Arizona’s affordable-health care program, or dont have access to employer-sponsored health insurance. David Aguirre, communications and community health workers manager for Keogh Health Connection, discusses details of this health care program.

David Aguirre: Communications and Community Health Workers Manager for Keogh Health Connection

Psyche Mission
airs Oct. 4

Psyche Mission: First to Metal, An Origin Story

A green monster with a goofy grin holds a large toothbrush. Text: Video Contest: How does your favorite monster brush its teeth?
Oct. 8

Digital Video Contest 2023

Hispanic Heritage Awards image
airs Sept. 29

Hispanic Heritage Awards

Tito Munoz conducting the Phoenix Symphony
aired Sept. 25

Opening Night: A Romantic Evening

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