Communities of colors reluctance to get the COVID vaccine

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Host Jose Cardenas talked with Dr. Juan Gea Banacloche, a Professor of Medicine Sr. Consultant, Infectious Diseases at the Mayo Clinic. The Mayo Clinic in partnership with the University of Arizona-College of Medicine hosted a COVID 19 Vaccine Town Hall. The goal was to address concerns surrounding the vaccine and build trust in the communities of color.

We talked with Banaclothe about the reluctance of communities of color to get the COVID-19 vaccine. He said it is because of the history of poor treatment to the communities of color. There are also difficulties with access. Banaclothe said people should be reassured by the results of the vaccines. It is applied to the whole population of the United States. We ask how they address certain concerns. Banaclothe said the best way to address any concerns is to be absolutely open.  He also said it is important to be able to explain everything and answer any questions. Banaclothe said honesty and clarity are the best policies.

Banaclothe said it is a strong vaccine and you will feel side effects, but there are no serious side effects from this vaccine so far. He also said both vaccines that are out right now are very safe. Banaclothe said a common question is whether there have been any corners cut in the process of the vaccine. Some people have concerns that the vaccines were rushed. He said that it is a misconception but that this vaccine came out so much faster because our technology is better. Banaclothe said developing a new vaccine is much faster now. They’re able to tweak the vaccine for new variants. He said that it is something they could not do in the past but can do now.

Dr. Juan Gea Banacloche, a Professor of Medicine Sr. Consultant, Infectious Diseases at the Mayo Clinic

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