Eight Celebrates Arizona’s Centennial

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February Lineup Features Popular Highlights of Eight’s Award-Winning TV Anthology

PHOENIX…January 27, 2012…If it’s a person, place or event that matters to Arizonans, most likely it is forever captured in a program produced by Eight, Arizona PBS. For half a century, the public media enterprise of Arizona State University has trained its lens on the state. In February, Eight opens its one-of-a-kind archives to reprise its most popular Arizona programs.
“Thanks to community support, Arizona PBS has been writing the history of Arizona on television for 50 years,” said Eight’s General Manager Kelly McCullough. “With more than 40 titles in our Arizona Collection, we tell these engaging stories with care and respect because they help preserve what is truly special about our state. Whether native Arizonan or just arrived, you will learn something new.” Eight’s February schedule showcases the state’s extraordinary landscapes and brings to life the often inspiring, and sometimes quirky, individuals woven into Arizona’s colorful 100-year-old tapestry. It also includes fascinating vignettes about families, communities, landmarks and events that may be missing from history books, but make for memorable viewing.

Eight’s Arizona Centennial Celebration schedule is below. Visit azpbs.org/schedule or follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more information.

Arizona Centennial Celebration

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airs July 19

Psyche Mission

Former President Donald Trump
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