Registration opens for new Eight, Arizona PBS original series Arizona Collectibles, hosted by Beth McDonald

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Registration open now for spring 2014 appraisal event to be recorded for the new series – premiering fall 2014

PHOENIX — (Dec. 4, 2013) Eight, Arizona PBS announces pre-production of its new original series Arizona Collectibles, showcasing remarkable heirlooms and living history hiding in homes throughout Arizona. Scheduled to premiere in fall 2014, the series will take viewers to a world of treasures as appraisers evaluate and discuss diverse keepsakes of Arizona residents. The show will be hosted by Beth McDonald, popular radio host for Phoenix-based 99.9 KEZ.

“Based on early feedback, we anticipate that Arizona Collectibles will draw our viewers, promising to showcase the unique interests of Arizona residents,” series producer Scott Wallin says. “We’re fortunate to enjoy the support of our underwriters in this new series.”

Collectors throughout Arizona are invited to register now for the weekend appraisal event, planned for March/April 2014, which will be recorded and will form the basis for the thirteen 30-minute episodes of the Arizona Collectibles inaugural season. Eight welcomes guests to submit an item for appraisal for free at

Admission is limited. Not all submitted items will be selected for appraisal, but those guests whose items are selected will be invited to the Eight studio for an appraisal of their item and a chance to appear on the show. Invited guests may also bring up to two additional items for appraisal at $35 each.

Those who want to ensure that their items will be appraised can do so by becoming a member of Eight, Arizona PBS and making a $125 pledge of support. As a thank-you gift those guests will be guaranteed a timeslot for appraisal of their items, and will be able to have three items appraised at no additional cost.

Registration requires including a photo and a description of each item. Each collectible must be within the 50-pound weight limit, and guests must be able to carry their items for appraisal.

Categories of items eligible for appraisal at the event include:

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