Reminisce with the best of Julia Child

When Julia Child’s seminal show “The French Chef” debuted in 1963, little did anyone know that she would change the way Americans thought about cooking forever. With her distinctive voice and infectious passion for French cuisine, she demystified classic dishes and empowered and inspired millions of home cooks and professional chefs.

“Dishing with Julia Child” brings together nine of today’s most respected chefs to delight in their favorite episodes of Child’s iconic show. The series airs on Fridays from Apr. 3-17 at 9 p.m. 

Apr. 3: “The Whole Fish Story” and “The Good Loaf”

Jose Andres and Eric Ripert are amazed by Julia Child’s hands-on treatment of a whole fish, how much information she conveys in the show and her ability to work without any retakes. Watch online.

Vivian Howard, Marcus Samuelsson, Carla Hall and Sara Moulton follow Julia Child’s breadmaking recipes for classic pain de mie and a raisin bread, highlighting her role in reorienting people’s perception of food. Watch online.

Apr. 10: “Your Own French Onion Soup” and “Boeuf Borguignon”

Rick Bayless marvles over Julia Child’s knife skills and what great training technique she provided, while Jose Andres and Eric Ripert wonder how many tips are in her 200 episodes of “The French Chef.” Watch online.

Sara Moulton, Carla Hall, Jose Andres and Eric Ripert discuss how comfortable and magnetic Julia Child was in her first episode. Martha Steward weighs in on how influential Julia was in changing how viewers thought about food and cooking. Watch online.

Apr. 17: “The Potato Show” and “To Toast a Chicken”

Rick Bayless comments on Julia Child’s performance preparing potatoes. Collaborator and dear friend Jaques Pepin discusses her love of butter and her gracious approach to meet all of the staff at restaurants where they dined. Watch via Passport.

Vivian Howard and Marcus Samuelsson enjoy Julia Child’s presentation of chickens. They note how she invented cooking on television and discuss her mission to educate viewers about the value of prime ingredients and how to prepare them. Watch via Passport.


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