Explore the life and presidency of George W. Bush

The latest addition to “American Experience’s” Peabody Award-winning series of presidential biographies, this two-part, four-hour look at the life and presidency of George W. Bush features interviews with historians, journalists and several members of the president’s inner circle. “George W. Bush: American Experience” airs on Monday, May 4 and Tuesday, May 5 at 8 p.m.

Part one explores Bush’s tumultuous youth and his unorthodox road to the presidency via the contested election of 2000. The new administration’s focus on domestic issues is abruptly brought to a halt by the shocking terrorist attacks of 9/11. Watch online.

In part two, follow the evolution of Bush’s presidency, from the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and the ensuing the war in Iraq to his second term challenges including anthrax scares, threat levels, Hurricane Katrina and the most serious financial crisis since the Great Depression. Watch online.


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