La Frontera with Pati Jinich: From Dos Laredos to Mars

Premiering Friday, Oct. 22 at 8 p.m.

In Part Two of the series, From Dos Laredos to Mars, Pati travels from Laredo and Nuevo Laredo to Brownsville, Texas. She learns how tight-knit family bonds are an underlying theme connecting everything in the Laredos, and throughout La Frontera. She gets an up-close look at the major industries of the region – trucking, trade and ranching and tastes a bit of the American dream of spending time with the owners of Taco Palenque, a family-run, a regional favorite that has grown to a fast-casual empire throughout south Texas.

Pati spends the afternoon with Sister Norma Pimentel to understand the motivational force behind migration and takes in a Tecos baseball game – the only bi-national baseball team in the world. She journeys all the way to the Gulf of Mexico to see how the border is grounds for yet another new frontier – as the launching pad for the Space X program to explore Mars. By tasting the food and meeting people who live and work here she sees how the border is a place ripe for opportunity and creativity – including the next ticket to Mars.

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