Perfect Pear Bistro has delicious options for everyone

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If you’re looking for salads, quinoa bowls and wraps, Perfect Pear Bistro is the restaurant for you. Taking a modern twist on comfort food, the dine-in spot offers a little bit of something for everyone. Ranging from vegetarian and vegan options, owner Chris Hove takes pride in the fusion of flavors.

“My wife and I developed all of these recipes. We just use a lot of really good solid ingredients, really unique and interesting things that you don’t see on everybody’s menu.”

Located in the vibrant heart of Tempe, the restaurant is keen to attract young adults, students and families alike.

“I would say we have a pretty relaxed environment. I’m from Tempe myself and grew up here. I really just like the energy and the vibe of the community up here.”

“People are choosing us and coming back because I think we obviously are doing something they appreciate.”

Sedona Meadows, a senior at Arizona State University, has been going to Perfect Bear Bistro for years in her hometown of Ahwatukee.

“The food itself has so many options, and I think that’s what really drew us there. Just how great the food is, how great the atmosphere is and it’s just a wonderful place.”

Guests dined in on plates of pasta, salads, sandwiches and more that catered to each individual’s preference.

“The service was really great, they were very attentive and the servers are really good at leaving you in your conversation.”

Restaurant address: 603 W University Dr, Tempe, AZ

Phone number: (480) 966-7327


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