Topo serves up soft serve and Americano burritos

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It’s hard to miss this grab-n-go takeout spot in Gilbert. Not only is it a locally-owned spin on Mexican fast food, this gopher-topped burrito spot is full of fan favorites. Topo is located in Gilbert’s Heritage District and serves up elote, burritos and soft serve ice cream. It’s something owner Joe Johnston says is simple street food.

“Topo is designed to be a very simple, walk-up, street food situation. We decided it had to be handheld food and it had to be portable. Our appetizer is elote, our main course is the burrito, our desert is soft serve.”

At Topo, there’s something delicious and fulfilling for everyone even if you’re not as bold.

“We wanted to have a base model burrito for people who are not maybe as adventurous. That basically has beans, chicken or pork, cheese, some green salsa, and then wrapped.”

The restaurant also specializes in their own version of a “California burrito” with Frito chips taking the place of french fries called the “Topo Loco.”

We can’t forget about their selection of ice cream where customers can choose from either prickly pear frozen yogurt and a creamy vanilla ice cream. You can choose to dip your cone in a number of flavors that they offer ranging from chocolate to lime.

Laura Groth, a stay-at-home mom, chose Topo due to its convenience and relaxing, lively atmosphere for the family.

“It fills up your tummy but also fills up your heart. You just feel good after it.”

“I always get the prickly pear twist ice cream there. You HAVE to do the twist.”

Ron Carlsten, a marketing manager, tried his hand at the Topo Loco that he sats was untraditional but gave an interesting new dynamic to a burrito.

“Being a native of Arizona, taking the first bite and finding Fritos in my burrito was really shocking because I’m not used to that.”

The charming restaurant includes an outside patio picnic dining area that allows you to enjoy your food while also enjoying the active Downtown Gilbert atmosphere.

Restaurant address: 301 N Gilbert Rd bldg 2, Gilbert, AZ


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