Bottega Ristorante is a true taste of Italy

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Bottega Ristorante is putting a modern spin on traditional Italian fare. The owner, Milan-born entrepreneur Nick DiLello says while food has always been his passion, the restaurant is inspired by his mother.

The restaurant quickly owned notoriety for its wood-fired, Neapolitan-style pizza and handmade pasta dishes.

“We want to bring a little bit of a taste to that authentic Italian cuisine,” DiLello said; something that he said is missing in the West Valley.

When you step inside the restaurant, it is warm and inviting. One wall is adorned with a giant photo mural of a street in Naples, which makes guests feel as though they have been transported across the Atlantic themselves. 

Guest Peter Royers, an IT professional, suggested Bottega Ristorante as his top pick. He ordered the polenta and pasta adorned with creamy mushrooms and parmesan.

He goes on to describe how “rich” and delicious the pasta was — even saving some for leftovers.

Guest Isabel Garibay, a stay-at-home mom who has been to Italy many times, said that she is “picky” with her Italian food. She dined in at Bottega Ristorante and ordered a Margherita pizza and was pleasantly surprised.

“It had the perfect amount of bite to it,” Garibay said. She goes on to say that  “the mozzarella it had was delicious.”

For dessert, Royers indulged in Bottega Ristorante’s tiramisu which was so good, he was embarrassed to admit that he nearly ate the whole thing.

One sweet treat that chef Mark Tarbell called “simply stunning” was limoncello made in-house with heavy cream.

All of the guests enjoyed the restaurant’s romantic atmosphere and suggested it as an ideal date night spot.

Restaurant address: 19420 N 59th Ave, Glendale, AZ

Phone number: (623) 777-1868


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