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AZ 88 opened in 1988 in the Scottsdale Civic Center area. It is a bar with an eclectic menu of salads, chicken sandwiches and martinis that are famously served “to the brim,” which servers bring to the table without spilling a drop.

Recently renovated, AZ 88 is a spot that locals love to enjoy. The space features a contemporary bar with attractive glass architecture, an inviting patio and unusual modern art installations that rotate throughout the year.

Dale Jodoin, General Manager and President of AZ88, describes the restaurant as an upscale bar that serves American bar food.

“The part that keeps the bar so interesting is the rotating artwork, ” he said. “Although the menu doesn’t change and the building has been here for 34 years, the art changes at least three or four times a year.”

The first part of the AZ 88 menu has always been desserts. “Life is short, we want you to enjoy your time here. You might as well start with a dessert,” Jodoin said. 

Guest Carla Taghvaei suggested AZ 88 as her top pick. She was first introduced to AZ 88 by her grandparents. “When they opened AZ 88, the owner told my grandparents and we went on opening weekend back in 1988,” she said. “ I have been going ever since.” 

One of their most popular dishes, ordered by Taghvaei, is the AZ 88 chicken sandwich. “It’s like this delicious buffalo chicken sandwich with blue cheese and sauteed celery,” she said. “When it comes together, it’s just unique and delicious.”

Guest Ed Neilson said he ordered the burger au poivre.  “It’s probably the best burger in town,”  Neilson said, “the flavors were incredible.”

One cocktail Taghvaei called “simply stunning” was the espresso martini. “They come filled to the brim and they never spill,” she said.

All of the guests enjoyed the dining experience and suggested going on Christmas Eve. “Their yearly Christmas tree is always a must-see.” Taghvaei said. 

Restaurant address: 7353 Scottsdale Mall, Scottsdale, AZ

Phone number: 480-994-5576


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