Cornish Pasty Company: An elegant and delicious hot pocket

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What’s a pasty?  Glad you asked!

A Cornish pasty is basically an elegant hot pocket. It originated in Cornwall, England. The miners would take this hand pie that was crimped on the edge with them into the mines. They’d hold the crimped edge and eat the pie, then throw the crust into the mine for the ‘knockers’ or ghosts. 

Cornish Pasty Company is known for its hand-made pasties, an English dish featuring a flaky pastry pocket filled with meat and vegetables. The eatery features more than 40 kinds of pasties, including vegetarian and vegan options.

The Owner Dean Thomas, says the restaurant has the vibe of a traditional English pub, “dim lighting, wooden tables and wooden bar faces,” he explained. “I believe what makes the pasty a perfect meal is its substantial, warm and comforting even in the desert heat,” he added.

The downtown Phoenix location features three floors, each with its own bar: the main floor where the kitchen is located, a basement bar and upstairs area with ample seating.

Allison Otu, executive director of marketing at Arizona PBS, recommended Cornish Pasty Company. She said that it is such a great comfort food. She ordered the Greek pasty and summed it up in one word: “fantastic.”

Guest Tiffany Khan tried the parliament wings, she described them as “really tangy.” 

Additionally, guest Adrienne Fairwell, raved about the chicken pot pie, calling it “delicious.” She added that “the chicken was very, very tender and juicy.” 

To finish off the meal, and the reviews, guest Tiffany Khan ordered the apple caramel pasty.

“The apple is perfect. It’s a tender, right amount of cinnamon, and then the caramel just oozes out. It is a thing of beauty.”

When asked about Cornish Pasty and its atmosphere, Fairwell explained it as “very laid back” and “casual.” “So if you are going for lunch and you are not in a hurry, this is absolutely the place,” she added.

Cornish Pasty Company is a modern twist on a classic concept in a unique and casual environment. At the Downtown Phoenix location, you can watch the pasty makers work from a window. 

Restaurant address: 7 W. Monroe St., Phoenix, AZ

Phone number: (602) 374-8500


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