The Toast Craft Kitchen and Cocktails: Contemporary American with a Mediterranean twist

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An all-from-scratch restaurant in the West Valley, The Toast Craft Kitchen and Cocktails is a neighborhood gem that serves up big portions and creative menu items with an emphasis on Mediterranean flavors.

Owner Emily Bromm used to own a sandwich shop in Wickenburg, Arizona, but she wanted something more, and The Toast was born.

Bromm takes her cues from her regulars, who often tell her what kind of special they would like to see, and her culinary team will turn that into the special of the week. Bromm describes the food as “contemporary American with a Mediterranean twist.” They serve brunch on the weekends, lunch and dinner. 

“We wanted the environment to be casual but elegant at the same time,” Bromm said. It’s a place “where you could feel comfortable for a special occasion but also comfortable for a happy hour at the bar.” 

The Toast offers three different specials each week. “We emphasize what is seasonal and what is fresh, what the customers are asking for,” Bromm explained.

They are also known for their roasted Brussels sprouts, the Mediterranean chicken and the goat cheese balls. 

Guest Carla Taghvaei recommends brunch at The Toast. She orders the big cinnamon roll. “It was about the size of your plate! It was really big,” Taghvaei said. “That was kind of my breakfast and dessert, and it was delicious.”

Guest Ed Neilson also has brunch at The Toast and orders the chicken and falafel waffle, adding it looks “interesting, obviously, and it was amazing,” Neilson said. “The flavors were incredible.”

The cozy atmosphere of this place makes customers feel relaxed and have a good time.

Restaurant address: 17058 W Bell Road, Ste 104, Surprise, AZ

Phone number: 623-440-4503


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