Morning Glory Café: A signature Arizona breakfast spot

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Want to escape the crowded city and eat breakfast in a farm-like setting? Head towards South Mountain and the peaceful Morning Glory Café.

Morning Glory Café is a breakfast brunch spot at The Farm at South Mountain. Co-owned by Pat Christofolo and her son, Chef Dustin Christofolo, the sunny café serves house-smoked meats by the “Q” crew, seasonal omelets, fresh baked goods, tacos and more.

The site has a rich history. Decades ago, the property was owned by Dwight Heard, the benefactor of The Heard Museum, who divided up the property and sold it for farming. Eventually, The Farm became home to three restaurants including the Café.

Enjoy a stroll around the working farm, and dine in the orchard. “It’s a countertop service, so it’s a little bit casual,” Dustin Christofolo explained. After guests walk up to order their food, “they get to walk around the property, enjoy the ambience or walk down to the pecan grove,” he added.

One of their most popular dishes, ordered by our guest Kasey Denny, is the house-smoked salmon spread. “I’m a sucker for salmon, so this is just an excellent version of it,” he explained. “You can tell the salmon is smoked fresh there, and just everything in the spread is delicious.”

As an entree, guest Nancy Griffiths recommends the brisket and egg sandwich on Noble bread. “It was one of the best sandwiches I have ever had in my life!” Griffiths said.

Guest Todd Gibbons chooses to have dessert for breakfast with the brioche French toast, which he described as “absolutely delicious. It was creamy, kind of light, and there was just an ample amount of butter on it,” he explained.

Guests enjoy the breakfast experience and suggest it’s a tranquil place. “It’s a nice walk around the farm, it’s just beautiful,” Griffiths said, adding, “There are ducks and geese and flowers growing, it’s just a really pretty place.”

Restaurant address: 6106 S 32nd Street, Phoenix, AZ

Phone number: 602-276-8804


Cuisine(s): Breakfast

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