Election Day setting records but proceeding smoothly in Arizona

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Arizona is one of the states where tabulating of early ballots began before Election Day – in our case, 14 days ago. Erika Flores, deputy director of communications for Maricopa County Recorder’s Office updates us on the counting process and also what election day is looking like so far. Polls close at 7 p.m. – but everyone in line by then will have the opportunity to vote.

Flores said some locations have had lines, but there are measures in place this year to ease the stress of long lines. The site locations.maricopa.vote included wait times for each location, and in contrast to previous years, this year voters are able to vote at any location. Voters could also go to BeBallotReady.vote and sign in to a personal dashboard showing a sample ballot for their location as well as location information and early ballot status.

In locations that have had lines, the lines have moved quickly, Flores said, because the locations are large enough for social distancing and thus have more check-in stations and more voting booths.

Health measures are in place, including masks and gloves for poll workers and for voters who may have forgotten their masks. Voters can also utilize drive-in ballot drop-off locations.

Turnout is setting records this year: Arizona’s 1.7 million early voters already surpassed the turnout in the 2016 general election, Flores said.

Erika Flores, deputy director of communications for Maricopa County Recorder's Office

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