Journalists’ Roundtable Prediction Show: Trump’s exit, Arizona future candidates, 2021 normalcy

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Following the crazy year of 2020, our annual Journalists’ Roundtable Prediction Show predicted what more could happen in 2021. Discussing the potential news cycle was Howie Fischer of Capitol Media Services, Laurie Roberts of The Arizona Republic and Steve Goldstein of KJZZ.

This year’s Journalists’ Roundtable Prediction Show covered:

  • President Trump’s pardons
  • President Trump in attendance of Biden’s inauguration
  • Senate rejection of Biden’s cabinet picks
  • New infrastructure package
  • Arizona Governor candidates
  • Attorney General Candidates
  • Republican challengers to Senator Kelly
  • Legislature convene and adjourn
  • Suns playoffs
  • Life returning to normalcy

President Trump’s Potential Pardons

Fischer: “What makes you think he’s leaving? I don’t think he’s going to pardon himself because that to a certain extent requires an admission that he did something wrong. Does he pardon family members? He said he’s going to pardon everyone he’s ever talked to.”

Roberts: “I don’t think he’ll pardon himself because I don’t think he can legally pardon himself. As for his children, his family, I think he’ll pardon his three oldest children. I also think he’s going to pardon his good friend Rudy.”

Goldstein: “If he is able to pardon himself, he still won’t because that would be an admission of guilt.”

Who will run for governor?

Roberts: “It’s more like who doesn’t. I have a list here. I’m gonna say Attorney General Brnovich, Treasurer Kimberly Yee, Karrin Taylor Robson. Matt Salmon, if he won’t run, I’m thinking Steve Chucri or Kirk Adams. Maybe even Mayor Scott Smith and of course, Demand Daniel. On the other side, Greg Stanton and Katie Hobbs.”

Fischer: “I like that list, particularly Hobbs and Stanton on the Democratic side. I’m not sure some of those Republicans will get involved. I can’t see Matt Salmon doing this again.”

Goldstein: “I’m going to go along with both of them on the Democratic side. I’m going to go with Brnovich, Yee and Demand Daniel of course. I also think knowing politicians or elected officials aren’t always aware of their limitations, I’m going to throw in either Kelli Ward or Kelly Townsend.”


Will life return to normal by the end of 2021?

Fischer: “Well, let’s start off with how do you define normal. If there’s no adverse reactions to the Pfizer/Moderna vaccines, I think things will pretty much be back the way they were in terms of restaurants will be open for normal hours, you’ll be able to go to the gym, you’ll be able to go tubing on the Salt River without the restrictions of the governor.”

Goldstein: “Normalcy is an interesting thing because I think we’ll be back being able to do the things we want to do but I do think we’ll still see a lot of people wearing masks.”

Roberts: “No way will we be wearing masks. Many of us are not wearing them now. I think we’ll totally be back to normal by fall.”

Howie Fischer, Capitol Media Services
Laurie Roberts, The Arizona Republic
Steve Goldstein, KJZZ

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