Reason Representative Kirkpatrick isn’t seeking re-election

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Representative Ann Kirkpatrick, a Democrat from District 2 in Arizona, announced she will not be seeking re-election. We talked about this with her and asked her why. Kirkpatrick explains she has been in public service for 18 years. At Thanksgiving this year she, her husband, and family began talking about the decision. She explained that she has grandkids and would like to spend more time with them and everyone else.

Traveling is a big part of being a congressional representative. They travel to and from DC, and all around the district. We asked if this was a part of her decision. She said this was a part of her decision and would like to stay a “little closer to home.” Kirkpatrick will not miss the long flights to DC, she said. She’s confident other good people will step up to run, she said.

We ask multiple questions to understand what played a part in this decision, for example, if a health issue did. She said there are no health issues and that it was only a family decision. She explained that redistricting did slightly play a part in her decision-making. She said her district is a border district right now, and immigration has been a major part of her work. Comprehensive immigration reform was a major factor in running for Congress in the first place, she said.

She also said she will not be active in supporting candidates. She feels that there are plenty of “good people stepping up to run” and she wants to let the voters decide.

We also talk about immigration and if there is a crisis at the border with the number of immigrants showing up. She believes it is a “challenging situation.” She explains that the reason she ran for Congress, comprehensive immigration reform, has not been accomplished. She thinks they need to continue to push for it.

Lastly, we talk about the situation in Colorado. We ask what Congress should do regarding gun violence in America. She said she’s been an advocate for the background check bill. She is hopeful they will be able to get it passed.

Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick/(D) District 2

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