Representative Grantham’s views on the election audit

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We talked with Representative Travis Grantham, (Republican) District 12 about the election audit and an abortion bill in the legislature. Grantham talked about where we stand with the forensic audit of Maricopa County election ballots right now. He said the Senate has taken the issue “to task.” He explains that they are going to get the audit done to make sure there was no “monkey business.”

Grantham said he does not want to say if there was or if there wasn’t. In the house, they view it as a function of the Senate, something they asked for, and something they have a right to do. He said he is encouraging the board of supervisors to work with the Senate and make it as easy as possible.

He said the main problem that they have right now is that there is a large section of the population that believes the election was not done fairly or freely. He gives an example of a neighbor that received three ballots. He said he owes it to the voters to clean it up but he does believe Arizona has a strong election system. Grantham said he has “trouble seeing the damage in doing the audit.”

He said we should always want to make sure that our voting system works in his accurate. He also believes that there will always be a segment of people that are unhappy about it, but hopefully, after this audit, it will help some people.

We also talk about an abortion bill and where it stands in the legislature right now. Grantham said it is currently in the house. He said he supports the bill, but there are a couple of members with concerns, which are being looked at. The bill that they vote on will most likely be a fairly different bill than they are currently seeing right now, Grantham said.

Representative Travis Grantham, (R) District 12

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