Embry Health reports 1,000% increase in covid tests conducted

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Embry Health has been conducting covid testing to help underserved Arizona communities as the delta variant drives a surge in cases. Indeed, the company has seen a 1,000 percent testing since July. Earlier today we spoke with Embry Health CEO, Raymond Embry.

“We went from testing about 1,000 patients a day in July to August where we’re testing nearly 15,000  patients all across Arizona every single day, which is a massive increase for our organization,” Embry said.

A goal of the company has to prioritize consistent location for communities rather than “pop-up” testing so that the community always knows where to go for a rapid covid test.

“We absolutely believe that mobile testing vans have a purpose but there’s nothing consistent about a mobile van. when somebody sees an office pod with a generator and a tent at a location they have confidence it will be there,” Embry said.

Embry said the best place for mobile testing sites is schools, and the company has been working to support testing programs at schools as well.

Embry said last Fall the company was testing around 3,000 children and now we’re over 30,000 children per month. Embry also said they have been attempting to reach communities outside of Maricopa County. Embry moved outside of Maricopa county to Mohave, Pima, and Cochise counties.

Raymond Embry, CEO Embry Health

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