What covid protocols will concert venues have upon reopening?

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A number of Arizona music venues recently announced that those attending concerts “at” their venues must show proof of vaccination or a negative covid-test. We spoke with long-time concert-promoter Danny Zelisko about these new mandates for concert-goers.

“Everyone who comes into the show is going to be tested or vaxxed. Some people don’t want to do it, that’s their choice but then you have the option of going to one of those 72 hour tests which is a drive-thru,” Zelisko said.

Zelisko emphasized the quick process of getting a covid test if someone is hesitant to get vaccinated.

“Bing bong boom you’re out of there, it’s not painful, it doesn’t hurt it doesn’t compromise you. It just proves that you’re negative,” Zelisko said

Zelisko said the goal is for everyone in the room to feel physically and mentally safe while attending or performing.

“It’s bad right now, we’re losing more people and there’s more cases every day, this is the time to try and shut this down again so that’s the idea behind this. You’re going to be in a room with 2,500 people for a few hours why not know that everybody in there has done the same thing as you?” Zelisko said.

Concert promoter, Danny Zelisko

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