Local authors discuss their book about women of the Wild West

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Jana Bommersbach and Bob Boze Bell are authors of a new book released in November 2022 called “Hellraisers and Trailblazers: The Real Women of the Wild West.” It tells the story of gutsy women, fearless women, smart women, stubborn women, inspiring women—many unknown and unheralded until now.

Bell’s artistic talents are shown in more than 60 original drawings for the book. Bell and Bommersbach, both of True West magazine, have focused the last three years on bringing this book to life. It’s been a dream of Bell’s for 30 years; Bommersbach has been researching Western women for two decades. They provided a public presentation at Changing Hands Bookstore last November 22.

“Our collaboration came about because we wanted to be sure that the rest of the country knew about what was going on in the Old West and how strong and fabulous these women were,” Bommersbach said.

Bell has been interested in this topic and has had an idea for this type of book for around 30 years. When he finally got around to exploring the idea, “I said two things to myself. One is it’s time for the book. And two: a honky man can’t do this by himself,” Bell said.

Bommersbach has worked with Bell’s magazine for 27 years now, so the pair have experience working with one another.

One of the women featured in the book, Jennie Rogers, was gutsy, clever, endearing and beautiful in a way, Bell said. She shot her boyfriend when she caught him having an affair and made no effort to hide it from the police.

Many more amazing women are featured in this book with a wide range or stories, actions and personalities.

Jana Bommersbach, Author; Bob Boze Bell, Author

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