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More than 50 million Americans receive Social Security benefits each month, but many don’t fully know how the system works or what the benefits entail. John P. Burns, who works with the Social Security Administration, sat down with Ted to talk about the latest Social Security benefits.

“Social Security is an insurance program for workers,” said Burns. “The majority of workers that contribute though the FICA withholding from their wages with have insurance for disability, survivor if something happens to them, and retirement.”

As Burns pointed out, workers that face a severe or long term disability that could keep them out of work could be eligible for disability insurance. Social security is best know for it’s aid to retirees. The earliest an individual can retire and still receive social security is 62.

Burns recommends that making an online account to monitor their earnings history and better understand social security benefits. Accounts can be created at or

“Look for the My Social Security account, and that’s where, if you register there you’ll have your earnings history, benefit estimates, all kinds of ways you can generate estimates of your benefits and plan for retirement,” said Burns.

Burns also hosts social security works shops through the Phoenix Public Library. Here he goes over the benefits of social security.

“I always tell people, there at 95 months that you can select from between the age of 62 and 70 to start your social security benefits,” said Burns. “The month that you select will be, in some ways, a determinant in how much you receive.”

Essentially, the later the start date, the higher the benefits.

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