The Great American Read – Scavenger Hunt – Presented by Bookmans


Join The Great American Read Scavenger Hunt with Arizona PBS, presented by Bookmans. Every Monday starting June 18, we’ll post one trivia question based on a book from The Great American Read Top 100 List.

Post a photo of yourself with the featured book on Facebook or Twitter with #GreatReadPBS and #GreatReadAZPBS for your chance to win a $25 Bookmans gift card. Tag Arizona PBS on Facebook or @arizonapbs on Twitter – and make your post public so we can see your entry!

Hunt for the book in question at your local Bookmans or public library – or you can use books from your own personal collection! You must submit your picture with both hashtags to @arizonapbs by Thursday evening.

We’ll announce a random winner every Friday. Everyone who submits throughout the summer will be entered into a drawing for a $100 gift card on Tuesday, Oct. 23. Happy hunting!


Week One – Martin S.
Week Two – Bryanna B.
Week Three – Wayne B.
Week Four – Robert N.
Week Five – Annica B.
Week Six – Alli G.
Week Seven – Shauna M.
Week Eight – Heather K.
Week Nine – Jeremy D.
Week Ten – April C.
Week Eleven – Brice K.
Week Twelve – Jamie S.
Week Thirteen – Ruby P.

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