Staff Profile: Johnna Buttrick

Meet Johnna Buttrick, our intrepid customer service specialist. Many of you have spoken with Johnna over the years: her cheerful voice is one you may hear when you call our offices during business hours.

Johnna started her career at a closed captioning company before transitioning into non-profit service. She joined Arizona PBS in 2015. “I love to listen to viewers tell us about how Arizona PBS has inspired or enriched their lives,” she said.

She acknowledges that’s not what you might expect to hear from someone in Johnna’s position. “In most industries, people are more likely to file a complaint than a compliment,” she said. “Most people would be surprised at how much positive feedback we get.”

Outside of work, Johnna loves to garden, sew, bake, hike and spend time with family and friends. “We get together as a family and have monthly poker nights — that way we can all stay in touch.”

Johnna regularly fields calls from viewers hoping for news about when their favorite programs will return and sometimes has to deliver the news that a series will not continue. She understands their disappointment: some of her all-time favorite Arizona PBS programs have concluded as well.

“‘Downton Abbey’ and ‘Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries’ will always be my favorites,” Johnna says. “I love the drama mixed with the incredible fashions!”

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