Language Arts | Pre-K – 3rd Grade | Week of March 23

Programming Highlights

The “Sesame Street” episode “Hey! Sesame Street News” shows how Cookie Monster solves the mystery of Chris’ missing belt buckle by asking the five W questions: who, what, where, when, why.

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Little Big Mouse
In this video segment from “Between the Lions,” Cleo reads one of Aesop’s fables, “The Lion and the Mouse,” illustrating an effective read-aloud and how children can learn through their interactions with books: talking about a story as it is being read, asking questions, and sharing responses.


‘Martha Speaks’ Story Maker
Kids can write their own pocket-sized adventures with Martha! With the “Martha Speaks” Story Maker app, you can make eight different interactive stories with Martha, who reads the story you’ve just made. Just as with the “Martha Speaks” television show and website, is designed to increase oral vocabulary.

Lesson Plans

Martha and Skits
As part of the “Martha Speaks” Reading Buddies program, this video helps children increase the variety and specificity of their vocabulary. After watching how a new puppy joins Martha’s household, the reading buddies pair up to talk about the episode, play a game, read a children’s book together and write in their journal.

Screen shot from “Martha Speaks”

Still from “Martha Speaks”

Other Language Arts Resources

‘SUPER WHY!’ Power to Read
With each literacy game, “Super Why” and his Super Reader friends empower children with the critical skills they need to learn to read. Your child can use this app to play along with each of the main characters from the animated series while practicing the alphabet, rhyming, spelling, writing and reading.

Helping Kids Navigate Scary News Stories
Young kids are going to see things in the media and hear about events in the news – even if we don’t feel ready to have that conversation. The trick for parents is knowing what to do next. Here’s a few suggestions fro on how to address their questions.

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