April 28 | Grades Pre-K–3

Tuesday on Arizona PBS

6:00 a.m. Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum: I Am Lou Gehrig/I Am Marie Owens
Cyberchase: Batter Up! – Interactive
How to Prepare Children for Unexpected Events and Emergencies – Parent Article
Choosing Chores: Everyone Can Be a Helper – Interactive
Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum, Investiga y Comparte (Espanol) – Actividad

6:30 a.m. Peg + Cat: The Poetry Problem/The Disappearing Art Problem
Your Child’s a Poet, and Here’s How to Show It – Parent Article
Grover’s Rhyme Time – Online Game
Curious George: Playing with Patterns – Interactive
Practice Patterns with Blocks – Craft

Here are three ways exploring poetry can benefit budding young readers. | PBS KIDS

7:00 a.m. Cyberchase: Harriet Hippo & The Mean Green
Cyberchase: Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Half – Online Game
Cyberchase: Any Way You Slice It – Video 
Math Magic: The Fractionator – Video 

7:30 a.m. SciGirls: Blowin’ in the Wind
SciGirls: Blowin’ in the Wind – Teaching Tips
Air Is Matter – Background Reading/Discussion Questions 
Global Winds – Media Gallery
Global Winds: Video Descriptions (NV Support) – Background Reading
Illustration of columns of a capitol building with text reading: Arizona PBS AZ Votes 2024

Arizona PBS presents candidate debates

Three main characters from mystery shows premiering this summer
June 16

It’s the Summer of Mystery!

A photo of Olivia Ford and the cover of her book,
June 26

Join us for PBS Books Readers Club!

Charlotte Heywood from Sanditon
aired June 23

Sanditon on Masterpiece

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