A pie sits on a white tablecloth, the table set for dessert. Courtesy Tarbell's. Background: a pile of Granny Smith apples.

Mark Tarbell’s Other Favorite Things

If you’ve read the new Winter 2023 issue of Arizona PBS magazine, you’ll have learned a few of Chef Mark Tarbell’s favorite things (and if you haven’t, consider that the magazine is a benefit of becoming an Arizona PBS member!). But when we chatted with Mark, he found he couldn’t limit himself to just ten. Here are a few more:

Favorite simple appetizer?
Caviar! Or baked gooey cheese.

Favorite festive beverage?

Favorite type of food?
Salty and crunchy 😁

One thing in your kitchen you couldn’t live without?
My 40-year-old paring knife.

Favorite way to spend a Saturday?
In the Phoenix Mountain Preserve.

Favorite show on Arizona PBS?
Check, Please! Arizona,” of course! Hahaha. I like a lot of the shows, but “No Passport Required” with Chef Marcus Sameulsson… that’s a good one!

Favorite place to travel outside of the U.S.?
Wherever there is water and mountains. I love France, Italy, Portugal, Asia, New Zealand… Honestly, I’ve been to so many places I love, it’s hard to choose just one!

Favorite celebrity chef?
I can’t choose one! Hahaha. Jean-George Vong, Brother Luck, Jose Andreas, Stephen Jones… to name a few.

Who are three people you would like to cook for, alive or dead?
Aretha Franklin (almost did once!), The Rock (he seems like a really great guy!), and Tina Turner (who I was fortunate to meet once – what a fantastic woman!)

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