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We’ll take you to the National Geographic Earth Explorers exhibition where you can explore in safety what it was like for those who risked their lives mapping out uncharted territories.

Ted Simons: Sir Edmund Hilary, Jacques Costeau, Isabella Bird, explorers who risked their lives discovering unchartered territories. Producer Shana Fischer takes us to the Arizona science center and a new exhibit that gives us a chance to explore.

Jessica Green: The exhibition is all about the work the men and women who are explorers put into making new discoveries and learning more about our world so guests can go on the adventure to see the tools they use and the research they do to make these discoveries.

Shana Fischer: Earth Explorers takes you to every region on Earth, the exhibition is a hands-on journey that's meant to inspire.

Jessica Green: The National Geographic Earth Explorers is a very visual exhibition. There is a lot of things to touch and play with, there are a lot of hands-on activities and photo opportunities, so you can step into the world of the explorers and be in their lodging and Jeep and is suits, so you can really get to step into their feet and, and some of their point of view, and see what it's like to be an explorer.

Shana Fischer: Siblings, Alicia and Justin a Wada, like it. National geographic is known for its spectacular photographer and videos, and both anchor this incredible exhibition. Step into the hot air balloon, and fly over the Savannah and witnessed the migration of elephants and gazelles. You can also venture deep under the ocean in a special pod, as you explore the world below us. Scattered throughout the exhibition, are tools and clothing, the explorers use on their adventures. There is also a life sized diorama of the cabin home to Arctic adventurers, this gives a sense of the danger and the hardships explorers go through to get to the remote locations.

Justin Wada: I like the Jeeps. The Jeep is my favorite part.

Shana Fischer: Earth explorers also ads a high tech element to make it interactive.

Jessica Green: There is a lot of touch screens and c.d.s and also a free app you can download to the iPhone or android. It allows you to target certain items on the graphics that will give you a 3-D image of animal you can kind of play with in the new version.

Shana Fischer: Earth explorers gives a glimpse into worlds that we don't often get to see. Worlds that until now were far beyond our reach, and perhaps, our understanding.

Jessica Green: This exhibit, what you can get from it and relate it to everyday life is that there is a lot of work that goes into learning more about our world and this really helps us to lead better lives, to be more educated, to be more aware of your surroundings, and how important it is to conserve this and lead a sustainable life.

Ted Simons: National geographic Earth explorers is on display until January 4 at the center. For more information go to

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