Local clothing entrepreneur shares her story of hope

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At InspireHER, every purchase comes with a message.

After a battle with depression, Erica Cardenas wanted to find a way to help others overcome their struggles with self-worth. She founded InspireHer with the intent to use her clothing line as a way to spread a message of love, hope and truth.

When Cardenas sends a customer their order, they get more than just clothing. Along with their purchase, the company sends customers an inspiring message written by Cardenas. In addition to lifting up customers, InspireHer provides free clothing to women in the community who are in need.

Producer Allyssa Adams and videographer Rob McJannet take a look at a company with an owner that literally "wears" her inspiration.

PKG: They are loved.

PKG: In a quiet room. In the corner of a busy home.

PKG: The next one I want to do is made to shine.

PKG: Erica Cardenas is looking for inspiration that she can print on a tee shirt.

PKG: When I look for inspiration to me, I think that would make a great shirt. I jot things down so i have words and sayings.

PKG: She believes words can make a difference.

PKG: They have a lot of power. Words have so much power.

PKG: Inspire her apparel company is rooted in her spirit as a teen.

PKG: I went through a period in my life i became depressed. I wasn't sure about my value or my worth. That depression turned into different thoughts, different suicidal thoughts, actually. Unfortunately, those thoughts turned into action. At that young age, I didn't realize that my life had such an amazing value and an amazing purpose.

PKG: She found her purpose in realized gifts.

PKG: I became a mom at the age of 16.

PKG: And hard fought accomplishments.

PKG: I finished high school, and then I wanted to continue my education, and I want today give him the best life I could. I went to college.

PKG: None of her struggles were forgotten. They are all fodder for messages hung on a hanger.

PKG: I didn't think my life was valuable enough to where I needed to be here in this world.

PKG: Cardenas had no background in the apparel business and jumping in was a challenge.

PKG: I dove head first into the process and educated myself and learned about the industry, so to speak, I got past that hurdle.

PKG: She oversees every detail of the company, from the shipping to the messages attached to each shirt.

PKG: This girl believes she was special and chosen for a purpose.

PKG: She is constantly updating her online store and working on marketing. Taking "inspire her" on the road, is what keeps her going.

PKG: This is a special statement reminding you, you are special and you have a purpose.

PKG: She talks to lots of groups, teen moms, those that need a dose of inspiration. She hears back from a lot of them.

PKG: A year out, she's gaining a following. She sold thousands of tee shirts because she knows sometimes a message on a tee shirt --

PKG: May have love, reminding girls and women that they are loved and that their life has value.

PKG: Is enough to keep you moving forward.

PKG: We all need encouragement. We need a reminder. We need to understand our value and our worth. You are a masterpiece. You are absolutely one of a kind of you are so precious.

Ted Simons: Erica Cardenas also started a philanthropic arm of her company called "Shirts For Her," which donates t-shirts to organizations helping teen girls.

Erica Cardenas: Founder, InspireHER

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