Hiral Tipirneni explains why she can win heavily Republican District 8

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Democratic candidate Dr. Hiral Tipirneni is running against Republican candidate Debbie Lesko in the Congressional District 8 special election on April 24, and Tipirneni is determined she has a chance in the conservative district.

Tipirneni reports that her internal polls indicate that she’s in a great place, giving her a reason to be optimistic. Lesko is currently in D.C. for a fundraiser. The Democrat believes that sends a bad sign to her constituents.

“Being in D.C. for a fundraiser with Speaker Ryan, who has made it very clear on where he stands on making deep cuts to the earned benefits of Social Security and Medicare, which profoundly impacts our district,” Tipirneni says. “We have thousands of seniors in our district. These are lifelines for them. It seems like a slap in the face. I hope voters understand where she stands on that critical issue.”

Tipirneni says she does believe this race is more than a statement piece, and that it is winnable. She says she thinks that way because she has focused on not speaking to her party, but speaking to everyone about the issues.

“I wouldn’t be going to Washington just to support the Democrats and the Independents,” Tipirneni says. “I would be going to represent all of them. That’s the difference. I would be beholden to the voters. Ms. Lesko has obligations to corporate lobbyists and special interest groups, and I’ve sworn off any of those kinds of influences.”

Some critics of the doctor says she is too liberal to represent the ideas of a strong Republican district. She disagrees, saying she is a moderate Democrat and she takes ideas from both parties.

Although many people say District 8 is unwinnable for a Democrat, Tipirneni says that’s untrue. She says the people are excited that they have a choice now, and they aren’t just given a Republican option.

Hiral Tipirneni: Democratic candidate, Congressional District 8

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