Social studies teacher serves as Arizona’s voice in DNC roll call

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As the Democratic National Convention continued, state delegations gave their nominating votes in a remote roll call. Producer Delaney White profiles Arizona’s voice in that process.

All 57 states and territories have been in attendance at this year’s Democratic National Convention. During the roll call, a representative of each state was allotted 30 seconds to address the convention. In total, the entire delegation was given 30 minutes to have their voices heard.

Middle school social studies teacher Marisol Garcia is Arizona’s representative.

As an educator, Marisol’s primary objective was to discuss the reopening of schools, her role as a mother to a high school freshman, and her position as a proud Chicana Latina union leader.

Garcia hopes to inspire former students and women of color. As a teacher, Marisol understands that many of her former students will be watching the convention. Garcia believes that students watching will gain inspiration from seeing someone they know, someone with the name “Marisol” and seeing someone who looks like them representing the state. Garcia is pleased with what the Democratic party has done thus far to represent people of color, and she hopes to continue the trend.

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