Hobbs voices concerns over USPS changes

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Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs sent a letter to state Attorney General Brnovich asking him to investigate the Trump administration for interfering with the delivery of mail-in ballots. We spoke with her about the changes made in Postal Service policies.

Her request comes following the President’s frustrations on mail-in ballots.

Source: Donald J. Trump

According to Hobbs collection boxes have allegedly been taken off the streets and sorting machines have been taken apart.

Although in Arizona it is a crime to impede the delivery of mail-in ballots, Brnovich refused to investigate, saying he wouldn’t allow the issue to be politicized.

Postmaster General DeJoy testified on Friday and Monday before a House Subcommittee and said he would make delivering mail-in ballots a priority over other mail. He faces strong criticism for his ties to the President and for comments he has made about changing Postal Service policies.

Furthermore, Hobbs’s message to Arizona mail-in ballot voters is to use the resources provided to turn in your ballot. For a list of those resources click here.

Katie Hobbs, Arizona Secretary of State

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