Arizona Cardinals owner on COVID-19 experience

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Arizona Cardinals owner Michael Bidwill was hospitalized with COVID-19. Bidwill spoke with Horizonte‘s Jose Cardenas about his experience and how the Cardinals plan to address coronavirus concerns with players and staff.

Bidwell recounts his story on how he ended up with the virus even after following protocol. As he traveled East, he felt his first symptom and immediately called his medical staff. He went to go get tested and it came back negative. Soon after, his symptoms started to progress. His fever was so high that he eventually was allowed to be admitted into the hospital. Bidwell emphasizes the seriousness of the disease and that this is not something to take lightly. He was in the hospital and as he got progressively worse, the doctor showed updates of the affects on his lungs. Bidwell has no underlying conditions either.

Since training is starting, there will be tests everyday to make sure the Cardinals are following protocol. Bidwill is working with the NFL players association in developing a program that works to keep everyone safe. The Cardinals is using advanced technology to make sure everyone stays six feet apart from each other. Also, if someone tests positive it’s able to trace back to who you got in contact with.

It’s rigorous work but important to maintain.

The season is expected to start on time but the pre-season games are not being scheduled. They all are working closely with local protocols to bringing back fans to the stadium. Arizona is still high-risk and Bidwill says his number one priority is safety. There are detailed plans they are working on how to make this possible but at this point it’s too premature.

Michael Bidwill, Arizona Cardinals Owner

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