High School Memories of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg‘s impact on America was such that many people felt that they knew her. Some, like our next guest, “did” know her. Indeed, ASU law professor Paul Bender remembers Ruth Bader Ginsburg all the way back to high school.

Bender has a keen recollection of his time with Ginsburg because his journey was very similar to hers. They went to the same high school and later were in the saw law school at Harvard. Who was Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

“She was a Supreme Court Justice for a long time. Before that she was a court of appeals judge, and before that she was a law professor.”
He also recounts how she got started in fighting against gender discrimination.
“I think it was after she moved to Columbia. She argued six cases before the Supreme Court involving gender discrimination, and in doing that, she established the current law of gender discrimination.”
She might be known as a liberal judge, but in fact she was never that liberal. She tended to be in the middle, it was only for women’s rights that she tended to be unbending. Will her legacy rely on the fact that her replacement is causing debates on when they should appoint her replacement? Bender thinks it all depends on the outcome.

Paul Bender, ASU Law Professor

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