Local nonprofit supports frontline workers through encouraging bracelets

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A Scottsdale jewelry artist is using her free time during the pandemic to make inspirational bracelets for frontline workers through her nonprofit organization Operation Everyone. 

Christy Alvarado, the director of Operation Everyone, started this organization as a way to give back and show appreciation for those working within the medical field.

The bracelets are, “made out of memory wire so it fits every wrist,” said Alvarado.

Not only are her and her family creating these bracelets, she has started providing bracelet kits for those who want to get involved.

“A lot of people couldn’t go and congregate in groups and have parties. So this was something that they could go home and do in their kitchen in their living room and do it as a little craft and know that they’re doing something for the healthcare worker,” said Alvarado.

Operation Everyone wants to provide encouragement and inspiration through their gifts.

“Anything that we can give them as a little bit of joy and happiness just to tell them that we’re grateful for them being there for us. That is what our main goal is, and just doing small things with big love,” said Alvarado.

You can donate or learn how to help by following their Instagram page “@operationeveryone”.

Christy Alvarado, Owner & Operator, Operation Everyone

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