Impeachment fallout on Republican and Democratic party

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We talk with Lorna Romero, Owner of Elevate Strategies, and John Fetherston, Associate Director of Veridus, who discussed the fallout on both parties of the Impeachment trial. We have seen very few Republicans support this trial. Will it drive their base to support them more and could this trial be costly for Biden?

We talk about the impeachment trial yesterday and now. Romero talks about what effect it has on the Republican Party, Republican lawmakers, and more. Romero is not sure if the newly released video footage is changing any Republican lawmakers. She says they have already made up their mind.

We talk about if the footage proves that Trump unsighted these riots. Fetherston thinks it does. Fetherston talks about the last time the capital was breached and occupied by enemy forces. Fetherston talks about his opinion on the matter of impeachment and why he thinks it is crucial to our democracy.

We discuss if it is a politically risky move for President Biden. Fetherston thinks it is the opposite. Romero talks about the Republican Party and if it is the same as Trump’s Party. She believes they are two different things and she hopes Republicans get back to how she says they are supposed to be. Fetherston talks about the Arizona people that are jumping out of the Republican Party and if they are going to the Democratic Party. He says they are not but hopes that Mark Kelly and other democratic leaders will help attract them to the party. How the trial turns out may also affect them.

Lorna Romero, Owner of Elevate Strategies, and John Fetherston, Associate Director of Veridus

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