House Republicans vote against $1.9 trillion stimulus bill

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We talked with Republican Representative Debbie Lasko from District 8 about the stimulus package that was recently passed. Lesko voted against the $1.9 trillion stimulus bill. National polls show 60 to 75 percent of Americans want this. Lesko said she joins every single Republican plus one Democrat in the house to vote no against this. She said of the $1.9 trillion, only 9% of it went directly to health-related Covid things, like vaccination.

Lesko said there is still $1 trillion left over from the last five Covid relief packages, which were bipartisan, that hasn’t been spent. Almost half of the $1.9 trillion won’t be spent until 2022 to 2024, which Lesko suspects will be too late. She feels they need to be more responsible and were targeted in their help for the American people.

We also asked where the concern from Republicans over the national debt was when the Trump administration was in office. She said there was still concern then, but the legislation efforts were at least bipartisan. She said she was concerned then and is concerned now. But then they really needed the relief because businesses were going out of business and shutting down, and they were scrambling to get vaccines.

Lesko said Arizona will be getting more than our state budget. She also said some of the money is needed, but she and many republicans feel it should be more targeted. We also asked about the presidential election and if she recognizes Joe Biden as the president of the United States. She said she agrees that he is the president of the United States but wishes that it wasn’t the case. She also discussed the reason she voted against the electors.

Republican Representative Debbie Lasko, District 8

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