Journalists’ Roundtable: 06-04-21: Governor’s Race, Budget Hiatus

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Time now for the journalists’ roundtable and joining us this week to discuss the latest in the state Senate’s election review, along with an update on the budget stand-off, we welcome Jeremy Duda of Arizona Mirror and Bob Christie of the Associated Press.

This week’s journalists’ roundtable covered:

  • Pennsylvania Delegation Tours Audit
  • Trump Attacks Ducey, Brnovich
  • Hobbs Announces Bid for Governor
  • Budget Hiatus
  • Sinema Explains Missed Vote

Pennsylvania Delegation Tours Audit

Jeremy Duda: “I think for the people who believe, despite the lack of evidence, that the election was rigged, they want proof. They think that if you just look hard enough…they were going to find that.”

Bob Christie: “It can not overturn the election. The election has been certified, the new president is in office, so there is no way that any of this stuff can change the outcome.”

Hobbs Announces Bid for Governor

Jeremy Duda: “I think, probably regardless of any other names that might pop up, Katie Hobbs is going to be the front runner on the Democratic side.”

Bob Christie: “Unlike some of the republican announcements from last week, this was very well orchestrated.”

Bob Christie, Associated Press;
Jeremy Duda, Arizona Mirror

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