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The Phoenix Theatre Company’s been navigating the pandemic by holding outdoor events, but the company’s announced plans to transition back to indoor performances. We learned more from the Phoenix Theatre Company’s Julia Hassey.

We started by asking how the transition has been.

“We are so excited, we have made the transition back indoors,” Hassey said. “We just had opened ‘Becoming Dr. Ruth’ as part of our summer series, and to feel the energy in our lobby spaces knowing that we were going to have patrons in our space.”

Hassey explained that what seemed to be unattainable has now begun.

“It brings tears to the eyes of our staff here, our patrons that have missed us,” Hassey said.

We then asked her what kind of reaction they were receiving from their patrons.

Almost every day, she gets to speak with them and listen to the happiness they have for being back indoors. Although the time over at the outdoor stadium was a unique experience, the patrons are thrilled to be back indoors right as summer hits.

We asked what the decision-making process was that they had to go through before bringing the shows back indoors.

“Well the transition back indoors was always something we wanted to do and we were making every effort to make that a possibility,” Hassey said. “We had to pivot multiple times and we were very fortunate to have the opportunity… in the outdoor space, but ultimately as soon as we were able to return back inside ensure we could do it in a safe way, we were ready to go.”

Patrons are still required to wear masks unless they are eating or drinking. For the staff, patrons and volunteers, they will be doing temperature checks. The Phoenix Theatre Company is ready and waiting for everyone to be comfortable enough to return.

Phoenix Theatre Company's Julia Hassey

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