Arizona opera is returning to in-theater performances

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The Arizona opera is returning to in-theater performances, just in time for the holidays, with “El Milagro del Recuerdo” – “The miracle of remembering” – a mariachi opera set during Christmas. Horizonte’s Jose Cardenas spoke to the opera’s composer, Javier Martinez, and mezzo-soprano, Cecilia Duarte

Javier Martinez is the composer of El Milagro del Recuerdo. Cecilia Duarte, stars as “Renata” in “El Milagro del Recuerdo.”

“This opera is a Christmas opera and it talks about family, reunion, being away from home, immigration, and more” Duarte said.

For Javier, he said it’s a beautiful thing to connect with the families when talking about the opera. “It’s very magical,” he added. There are different variations of music used in the opera.

The opera will be playing at the Herberger Theater Center in Downtown Phoenix from Dec. 3rd-5th, and in Tucson, Ariz. from Dec. 11th-12th.

“The part with the audience is that everyone has a different reaction to different parts of the story,” Duarte mentioned. “It will be quite special for people to experience a live show after some time.”

Javier Martinez, Composer of El Milagro del Recuerdo
Cecilia Duarte, Stars as "Renata" in El Milagro del Recuerdo

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