Journalists’ Roundtable: Arizona GOP chair phone records subpoenaed

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Jeremy Duda of Arizona Mirror, Howie Fischer of Capitol Media Services and Dillon Rosenblatt of KJZZ radio all join Ted Simons to discuss the major topics of the week.

The topics discussed this week:

  • GOP Chair Phone Records Subpoenaed
  • Bill Assigned to 12 Committees
  • Bill Calls for Regular County Audits
  • 15 Week Abortion Plan Advances
  • Bill Calls for Requirements for ACC Members

Does Kelli Ward have a point, being that she is a doctor, and she wants to make sure some of her patients information is not revealed?

Duda: “If that was what congress wanted to look at sure, but as Howie mentioned, you can put this stuff before a judge and say ‘hey filter out the stuff that is not pertinent to what the January 6 committee is looking at. They don’t care who Kelli and Michael Ward’s patients are.”

What do you think of the subpoenas filed against Kelli Ward and her husband?

Fischer: “They want to know the proverbial what did you know and when did you know it. One way you find out about that is you look at emails and text messages and everything else. Her argument is just there’s more than my political stuff in here. There’s medical stuff, we have got other issues.  The problem with that is A) its congress and if they want it they can get it and B) even if that’s the case what you do is you ask for for what they call an in-camera review.”

There is video evidence of Kelli Ward and her husband doing what they are accused of doing which is sending off fake electors.

Rosenblatt: “Yeah, they posted the video on to Twitter when it happened. They all took a group photo afterwards to celebrate that they are going to send these electors out to elect President Trump, and that is not what happened because President Trump did not win the 2020 election.”

Jeremy Duda, Arizona Mirror; Howie Fischer, Capitol Media Services; Dillon Rosenblatt of KJZZ

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