What is Navi Nurses?

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Navi Nurses is a company that brings nurses to patients. Co-founded by an ASU Ph.D. student, their mission is to help patients transition from hospital to home. We spoke with Jasmine Bhatti, co-founder of Navi Nurses for more.

What is Navi Nurses?

Bhatti: “We are really the first way that any ordinary person can access nursing care on demand. We come to the home and we provide specialized care for people. It is holistic and exactly what people are looking for.

It sounds like the Uber for home care. Is that what it is?

Bhatti: “We are building the Uber of nurses.”

How does it work?

Bhatti: “When someone calls in it’s either sometimes the person or their family member. We like to learn about that person and their needs and really what their goals of care are. That guides us into choosing the right nurse to take care of that person. For example, we have had patients who have had cardiac surgery. After they have had the surgery we still want to give them really good quality care, and part of that includes bringing in a nurse who has experience in cardiac care.”

Is it a constant presence? Is it a one time thing? How does it work?

Bhatti: “It is so flexible. We allow people to decide when and where is best for them, as well as how long. Sometimes people have us come just for an hour, sometimes it is 24/7 care. We have patients who have us come once or twice a day, and they get to pick the times that work for them, and that is fantastic.”

How does it differ from assisted care services?

Bhatti: “Our goal is to actually help people have the highest quality of life at home. Whether they are just recovering after a surgical procedure, a hospitalization, or they are aging and they just want to stay and age at home gracefully.”

Jasmine Bhatti, Co-founder of Navi Nurses

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